CPI’s mission defines how we operate. We exist to help the playwright improve their craft and their works.

CPI Bylaws, Article 2, Section 1:  Purposes. The purpose of CPI shall be to provide a public forum for playwrights to see their work publicly performed by actors and directors whose combined vision might enhance or clarify the text.

CPI’s mission statement:

CPI is an organization dedicated to providing a forum for playwrights to advance their own work through their own initiative. CPI creates a forum for playwrights to meet their peers, exchange information, establish theater contacts, and learn more about the art and craft of playwriting.

The culmination of this forum comes through public performances in the form of staged readings of member works-in-progress. The staged reading allows playwrights to meet and work with actors and a director, all with the aim of further clarifying the meaning and possibilities contained within the work. Public staged readings also afford a playwright’s work with public exposure to interested parties who may want to promote or produce the play.

This organization is formed and operated exclusively for the benefit of developing playwriting skills and opening up theatrical opportunities for its member playwrights.

To further that aim and for no other purpose, it shall:

  1. Disseminate information about trends, writing contests, and developments with respect to theater and playwriting.
  2. Sponsor or participate in programs, meetings, conferences, or symposia on topics related to theater and playwriting.
  3. Conduct periodic public performance of plays-in-progress, written by member playwrights.

CPI Is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, falling under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as well is any other corresponding section of any future federal tax code.