Salon/Cold Reading Stage

The Salon/Cold Readings need you!

If you have a script you’ve been working on and need a little push to complete it, this is your chance! Say yes today, and you’ll still have three to seven weeks to polish it up for your reading.

If you are interested in scheduling your script, please contact us ASAP to reserve your date. We’d love to hear YOUR voice!

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New Plays, New Voices, New Talents

The CPI Salon Cold Reading Stage is one of our creative meeting venues.

Unless otherwise noted, the Playwriting Salon will return every fourth Sunday of the month for a three-hour session, starting at 7:00 PM.

All CPI Cold Readings are incorporated in the new CPI venue, CPI Playwriting Salon.  Our Cold Readings are not the conventional ones.  Although there are no rehearsals, actors receive the scripts ahead of time, and come prepared.

Our Salon is free and open to Members and Nonmembers.  It actually works; it draws more people and at every event we get a few to join our ranks.

CPI Playwriting Salon   

CPI thanks former Guest Speakers.


Kevin Crowley . . Alan Jozwiak . . Renee Alper . . D. Lynn Meyers 


Ed  Stern . . . Nancy Gall-Clayton . Ken Jones . Joe McDonough . Jackie Demaline 


Tom Manning . . . . Arnie Shayne . . . .Herb DuVal . . Cathy Springfield . . Ted Weil 


Sandi Kivkovich . . .Jeff Landen . . . . Rick Pender . . . .Tim Perrino . . . Kalman Kivkovich 

Blake Robison . . . Brian Isaac Phillips 




Our location is:

French Hall West, University of Cincinnati, 2815 Commons Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 (formerly 2824 Scioto Street), corner of W. University Ave. off Jefferson Ave, 2nd Floor (ground Floor), Rooms 2225.


It is on the East side of West UC campus.  If you go on Jefferson Ave, park your car near intersection with University Ave. (Free parking on Jefferson Ave. / fee at the Garage).  Walk toward the campus. Turn left at the rotunda (circle) and go on Commons Way to the 1st building on the right French Hall.   Enter the main lobby and just follow the signs to room 2225.

Unless you display a UC decal, do not park on campus streets, or you risk getting a ticket.

Important Note: At times, Campus Security might lock the doors on Commons Way.  If you find it to be the case, just go around the building, counterclockwise 180°, and use the other door.

CPI Playwriting Salon is a new “initiative” for Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative: to explore the feasibility of providing a creative forum that focuses on the issues and challenges of vital interest to members — the art and craft of playwriting.

Salon Content of Creative Meetings

            1. Cold Readings / Feedback

The principal value of cold readings is that they are easy to set up and require no rehearsal time, yet they can provide valuable feedback.

Presenting playwrights must be CPI Members, but event is open to the public.

  • All are completed scripts.
  • Volunteer actors read the play, doubling roles as necessary.
  • We can schedule two short works in one cold-reading session, with feedback after each.


2. Guest Speakers

There’s a real value to inviting guest artists to speak to us: it can provide valuable learning about their talents and areas of expertise, strengthen our ties to the local theater community, and let others learn more about CPI.

  • director might speak to us about the challenges of casting and directing a new play. Production traps. Subject matter.
  • An actor might describe the thinking and emotional process involved in creating a new character.
  • An artistic director might describe the fiscal risk in presenting a new play.

 3. Creative Cabaret – A night of “anything goes”

Why not schedule an experimental night for any type of new work? Short scenes from a script-in-progress, 10-minute plays, “saloon tunes,” monologues, musical scenes, Improv —  a kind of “out loud“ creative brainstorming session strictly for fun, a way to get to know each other, but maybe to learn something too about taking chances and expanding our horizons.

4. Playwriting Workshop  (Members only)

Smaller group meets to solve problems in their scripts-in-progress [excerpts, too]. Most valuable service to playwrights!

If you are not a member and would like to attend the workshop, please contact CPI President, for info on how to join CPI.

5.  Etc . . .

We can schedule whatever new ideas we come up with as we learn more from the process.


Thanks to our own Ed Trach for setting the cornerstone for the Playwriting Salon,  a milestone in CPI’s existence.