Letter from the Chair

Here is an edited copy of a letter from our Playwriting Workshop Chair, Roger Brookfield:

I’m Roger Brookfield, the coordinator of CPI’s Playwrights Workshop. Our workshops take place on the first Sunday of each month at Room 2225 French Hall, located on Commons Way, one block west of Jefferson Street, at the University of Cincinnati. I encourage you to attend and participate.

We discuss as many plays as we have on hand with the aim of helping you develop your work to make it as good as it can possibly be and render it interesting enough that it can be picked up for a production at a theatre in the U.S. or around the world.

CPI members can submit a play as often as they like, as many as they like, or the same play revised as many times as they like. There is no restriction such as there is for submittal to New Voices: one full-length or three one-acts in one season. The only requirement to submit is that you are a member.

We read anything. While we’ve not received musicals or performance art, that’s not to say we won’t. All of us will do what we’re able to, in order to help a writer with his or her work. Speaking on behalf of those who’ve been the core of our workshop and have helped develop this requirement, we ask that if you want us to read a full-length or long one-act (40 or more pages) play, you submit one act or a couple of scenes from the play and an outline of the play so we know what the play is about. It’s not fair to you to submit a chunk of a long play and have us go over it without knowing the context of the piece. Rather like judging a four-course meal by the soup or salad.

I mentioned trying to get your play as worthy as possible of production anywhere. The value of our workshop is that we’ve read and critiqued plays that have gone on to be produced in Cincinnati and elsewhere in the U.S., and in one instance has received an award as Best Play at a Festival. If that sounds good to you, we can help.

Our practice is to send PDFs of the plays we’ll do the Thursday before we me meet so you have time to read them. Feel free to print the scripts and mark them up and bring them to the workshop.

We also frequently post submittal opportunities all over the country. The lists are from multiple sites, but mainly that of www.nycp.blogspot.com, the blogspot of NYC Playwrights. It’s a site I recommend you save as a favorite because of the vast array of opportunities listed.

I hope that your participation will help advance your writing.