Playwrights are everyday people: janitors, teachers, actors, directors, doctors, lawyers, carpenters…you get the idea.  A playwright, or any writer, is a person with a story inside of them, begging, or demanding, to be released.  We all have a story, but some of us can keep it to ourselves or in a very small circle.

The playwright cannot do that.  They have to tell their story.

No one is born a playwright, but many of us are born a storyteller.  CPI exists to help those storytellers become playwrights.  We also exist to help playwrights perfect their craft.

We offer services and opportunities to help the storyteller and the playwright get their play in front experienced playwrights and of an audience, and beyond.

These include our Playwriting Workshops, our Cold Readings, and our New Voices Staged Readings.



Cold Readings:


New Voices Staged Readings: